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Thursday 24th June

Trail Camp

9:00 am/ 8:00 pm

Place du Mont-Blanc

Trail Camp, meet all the brands of trail world, partners and events organizers

Friday 25th June

Mont-Blanc 90km
Place du triangle de l'amitié

04:00 am


3:00 pm

First Finishers
Mont-Blanc Vertical Kilometer
Place du triangle de l'amitié

4:00 pm

Vertical Kilometer Start

8:30 pm

Prize giving and waffle

Saturday 26th June

23km du Mont-Blanc

8:00 am

Aire des parapentes Start
Mini Cross du Mont-Blanc

9:30 am

Aire des parapentes Start

After the race

Mini cross Waffle
10km du Mont-Blanc

1:00 pm

Aire des parapentes - Start
Buffet 23km

Start at 11:00am

Centre sportif Richard Bozon
Place du Triangle de l'amitié

Start at 4:00 pm

Prize Giving

Cheers to the clubs des sports charity bibs.
Prize giving of 23km, 90km, 10km.
After the prize giving: Waffles of 23km, 90km and 10km.


42km Elites presentation
Duo étoilé

8:00 pm

Place du triangle de l'amitié - Start

Sunday 27th June

Mont-Blanc 42km

7:00 am

Place du triangle de l'amitié - Start

10:30 am

Planpraz First Finishers
Young Race Marathon

10:00 am

le Tour - Start
42km Buffet

Start at 12:00 am

Centre sportif Richard Bozon
Remise des prix

4:30 pm

Place du triangle de l'amitié

Prize Giving of : Duo Etoilé, Young Race Marathon, Young Trail Challenge and Mont-Blanc 42km
After the prize giving : Waffles Mont-Blanc 42km, Duo Etoilé and Young Race Marathon.


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Réalisation : Coax – 2020.