Pre-registrations for the 23km, 42km and 90km of Mont-Blanc are now closed.

The draw has taken place and pre-registered runners will receive an email informing them of the results starting Thursday, November the 12th,4 p.m. Those who were not included in the drawing lot will be fully refunded (registration fees, options, and bank charges). Refunds will begin on Wednesday, November  the 18th. People concerned will receive an email when their refund is made.

For the other races (Duo étoilé, 10km du Mont-Blanc, Vertical KM, Young Race Marathon), registrations are possible without going through a draw starting Thursday, November the 12th, 9:00 a.m. until there are no more places available.




Thursday 24th June

Trail Camp

9:00 am/ 8:00 pm

Place du Mont-Blanc

Trail Camp, meet all the brands of trail world, partners and events organizers

Friday 25th June

Mont-Blanc 90km
Place du triangle de l'amitié

04:00 am


3:00 pm

First Finishers
Mont-Blanc Vertical Kilometre
Place du triangle de l'amitié

4:00 pm

Vertical Kilometre Start

8:30 pm

Prize giving and raffle

Saturday 26th June

23km du Mont-Blanc

8:00 am

Aire des parapentes Start
Mini Cross du Mont-Blanc

9:30 am

Aire des parapentes Start

After the race

Mini cross raffle
10km du Mont-Blanc

1:00 pm

Aire des parapentes - Start
Buffet 23km

Start at 11:00am

Centre sportif Richard Bozon
Place du Triangle de l'amitié

Start at 4:00 pm

Prize Giving

Thanks to the Club des Sports charity bibs contributors.
Prize giving of 23km, 90km, 10km.
After the prize giving: Raffles of 23km, 90km and 10km.


42km Elites presentation
Duo étoilé

8:00 pm

Place du triangle de l'amitié - Start

Sunday 27th June

Mont-Blanc 42km

7:00 am

Place du triangle de l'amitié - Start

10:30 am

Planpraz First Finishers
Young Race Marathon

10:00 am

le Tour - Start
42km Buffet

Start at 12:00 am

Centre sportif Richard Bozon
Prize Giving Ceremony

4:30 pm

Place du triangle de l'amitié

Prize Giving of : Duo Etoilé, Young Race Marathon, Young Trail Challenge and Mont-Blanc 42km
After the prize giving : Raffles Mont-Blanc 42km, Duo Etoilé and Young Race Marathon.


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