Results to the draw for Mont Blanc 90k, 42k, 23k, and Duo étoilé are now available.
Selected runners should finalize their registration before Wednesday 22 November 2023 at midday.
Draw results HERE

For others races , you can register from Monday November 13, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. for the Mont-Blanc  10km or the KM Vertical,  clicking HERE

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Garantee your bib

REGISTRATION VIA CHARITY BIB OR ENVIRONMENT BIBSupport children’s sports projects or eco-friendly actions For runners, it is the possibility of guaranteeing their registration for one of the Mont-Blanc Marathon races without passing through the draw by making a direct donation to the association in order to help children with their sporting project or environemental

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2024 registration

Dear runner, Thanks for your interest in Mont Blanc Marathon races. Registration for the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2024 will be organised in 2 phases : Draw for the Duo Etoilé, 23km, 42km and 90km du Mont-Blanc : the runners who want to participate in the Duo Etoilé, 90km, 42km or 23km du Mont-Blanc 2024 will be able to

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Thursday 27th june

Trail Camp

9 am / 8 pm

Place du Mont-Blanc

Trail Camp, meet all the brands of trail world, partners and events organizers

Friday 28th june

Mont-Blanc 90km

4 am

Start - Chamonix - Place du Triangle de l'Amitié

3 pm

First Finishers
Mont-Blanc Vertical Kilometer

5 pm

Start - Chamonix - Place du Triangle de l'Amitié

9 pm

Prize-giving ceremony

Saturday 29th june

Mont-Blanc 23Km

8 am

Start from the paragliders landing field

10 am

First Finishers - Planpraz
Mont-Blanc 10km

10.30 am

Start from the paragliders landing field

11.10 am

First Finishers - paragliders landing field

2.00 pm

Start 800 - paragliders landing field

2.15 pm

Start 2km - paragliders landing field

2.45 pm

Start 3km - paragliders landing field
Duo étoilé

7.30 pm

Start - Chamonix

9.45 pm

First Finishers - Place du Triangle de l'Amitié
Place du Triangle de l'Amitié

4.00 pm

90km, 23km, 10km Prize-giving ceremony

5 pm

Press conference ( Maison de la Montagne )

6 pm

Elite presentation from 42 km followed by a book signing

Sunday 30th june

Mont-Blanc 42km

7.00 am

Start of the elite women - Chamonix

7.30 am

Start - Chamonix

10.45 am

First Finishers
Young Race Marathon

10.30 am

Start from Montroc
Place du Triangle de l'Amitié

4.45 pm

Presentation "Charity Bib CSC"

5 pm

Duo étoilé, 42 km and Young Race Marathon Prize-giving ceremony


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