Check the roadbook 2022 ! 

Before :

  • Choose a race according to your body health and abilities.
  • Register before the end of entries term
  • Be aware of the race’s rules
  • Upload your medical certificate online (runner’s space) before the deadline.
  • Make sure you have a individual accident insurance. You can subscribe one by clicking here
  • Get ready for your stay in Chamonix (transport, accomodation..)
  • Train for your race
  • Be aware of any potential change (program, rules..) by looking at the website and your e-mails.

Before the race :

  • Book an appointment to pick up your bib
  • Come get your bib yourself with the required equipment and your ID according to your appointment.
  • Get your stuff ready before the race
  • Have your Guest card (ask your host) in order to have a free access to public transportation in the valley.
  • Have a small amount of money if needed

During the race :

  • Focus on your own race and pay attention to your state of tiredness without comparing to other runners.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the run and the amazing landscape around you.
  • Respect volunteers and members of the organization team.
  • Agree to organizers’ decisions
  • Stay hydrated and fuel up frequently

After the race :

  • Be proud no matter you are a finisher or not.
  • Recover by stretching, eating and drinking water.


Modèle de certificat médical

Medical certificate template


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