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Have you registered for one of the 2024 Marathon du Mont-Blanc races?

Set within the spectacular scenery of Mont Blanc, Marathon du Mont-Blanc races are demanding physical challenges.

Success in these races requires specific training. Good preparation is essential, whether your goal is simply to reach the finish line or to hit your target time.

A structured training plan, with sessions adapted to your schedule and training environment (city, road, hills, mountain, etc.), will be indispensable in helping you to reach your goal.

Put the odds in your favour with a tailored training programme and advice from the official coach of Marathon du Mont-Blanc: RunMotion Coach. RunMotion Coach is the leading French coaching app.

To optimize your preparation, the Premium version of RunMotion Coach allows you to recalculate your plan each week according to your schedule and state of fitness. You will find physical preparation, mental preparation, and nutritional advice. You can also integrate cycling in your preparation!

Based in the Alps, the company was founded by top-level coaches and athletes. RunMotion Coach’s expertise lies in its scientific approach and the unique opportunity it provides to interact with a virtual coach.

In the registration process of the Mont Blanc Marathon, benefit from preferential conditions!

All you have to do is run!



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