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The Mont Blanc Marathon are in mountains, on technicals trails with a lots positive difference heigts.

To participate at the races it’s recommended to have a good mountains experiences, be easy in every kind of trail and to be in autonomy during some hours.

Its generally consider than 100m of positive difference of heights are like 1 more kilometers.

Example: Mont-Blanc 42kilometers with 2730m of positive difference of heigts corresponds at a distance equal to 42km+27km, so 69km.

We recommend to you to take in count this alert about the difference of heights before to subscribe at one of our races.

RaceDistanceDiff of heights +/-Distance Feels (100mD+=1km)Max time

Number of Time restrictions

ITRA points recommendedNumber of subscribers% of FinishersTechnical Characteristics
91km6220m+/-152km24 hours104501000 runners55%Race technical with aerial trail in altitude, possibility of snow on the course
42km2730m+ /1700m-69km9 hours 3053502300 runners87%First part  rolling, and Part trail very technical and strength difference of heights 
23km1680m+ / 870m-39km6 hours42702000 runners94%Race short on mountains trail open to intermediate trailers
20km1250m +/-32km6 hours3240500 teams97%Night race by team mountaineering and steep parts
3,8km1000m +13,8kmNo maximum time0/700 runners100%Aerial race , handrail, stars etc. not recommended to diziness people.
10km325m +/-13kmNo maximum time01602000 runners99%Race open to everybody
15km1200m D+27kmNo maximum time00150 runners98%Race reserved to 'Espoir' and 'Junior' category 



Chamonix Sport Club create to sells since 2016 some Charity bibs, who could pay a sportive projects.

In 2019, with 30 000€ increase, 130 Childrens of 7 sections could be realized their dreams.

For the runners it’s the possibilities to be sure to have his subscriptions at one Mont-Blanc Marathon races and to make a donation to help kids in their sportive project.



Some bibs are allowed to athletes who make the demand.

Subscriptions for athletes are not automatic, each elite have to finalise his proper subscriptions and all the subscritpions demands have to be send before the 31h of March 2021 at

Have an  Elite Bib means to be present at the prize giving and at every other invitations than you could receive from the organisations (press conference etc.)

Rules for attribution




Bibs guaranteed but paying>850>650
Bibs guaranteed and free>825>625


Bibs guaranteed and free>825>650
Bibs guaranteed but paying>775>600

Prize money will be giving to each three first mens and women of the Mont-Blanc 42km and of Mont-Blanc 90km.

Prize money will be giving to the recordmen and recordwomen of Kilometer Vertical.

The amounts will be communicate soon.



At the occasion of your travel to Chamonix, you could plan your journey with one of our Tour Operator partners.

Sport Tour International propose to you some packages of travel and assistance for this wonderful events. One guaranteed bibs and accommodation in the center of Chamonix are availables and  transfers to the Geneva airport and the help of our experimented race-guide. 

Our goals ? Find the bsolute best trail running experiences in the Alps.

Away from the crowds, iin high Alp villages, we’ll seek out those runs that are a bit quieter, a bit wilder, and bring together the very best the Alps have to offer.


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Réalisation : Coax – 2020.