Registration for the 2024 Marathon du Mont-Blanc will be only available online with a credit card payment. 

Registration for the Marathon du Mont-Blanc 2024 will be organised in 2 phases :

  • Draw for the Duo Etoilé, 23km, 42km and 90km du Mont-Blanc : the runners who want to participate in the Duo Etoilé, 90km, 42km or 23km du Mont-Blanc 2024 will be able to register freely for the draw from Friday 20th October at 9.00 am to Monday 6th of November at 12.00 am. Registration for the draw will be possible only for one of the 4 races, in group or individually (same result for all the member of the group). The results of the draw will be announced on Friday 10th of November 2023. The runners selected at the draw will have until Wednesday 22nd of November at 12.00 am to finalise their registration to confirm their payment (a special procedure will be sent by email). 


  • For all the race not submitted to the draw (10km du Mont-Blanc, Vertical Kilometer, Young Race Marathon and Mini-cross) : registration from Monday 13th of November at 9.00 am. They will be possible without going through the draw and while spots last.
NEW IN 2024 : the Duo Etoilé is now submitted to the draw as the 23km, 42km and 90km du Mont-Blanc


your race

The Mont Blanc Marathon courses are situated in mountain terrain, on technical trails with a lot of positive differences of heigth.

To participate in the races it is recommended to have a good mountain experience, be at ease in every kind of trail and to be able to in autonomy during several hours.

It is generally considered than 100m of positive difference of heights are equivalent to 1 additionnal kilometer.

Example: Mont-Blanc 42kilometers with 2730m of positive difference of heigths is equivalent to a real distance of 42km+27km, so 69km.

We recommend you to take into account this alert about the difference of heights before  subscribing to one of our races.

RaceDistanceDiff of heights +/-Distance Feels (100mD+=1km)Max time

Number of Time restrictions

ITRA points recommendedNumber of participants% of FinishersTechnical features
91km6220m+/-152km24 hours104501000 runners55%Technical race with aerial trail in altitude, possibility of snow on the course
42km2730m+ /1700m-69km9 hours 3053502300 runners87%Rolling first part, and some trails are very technical with an important difference of heights 
23km1680m+ / 870m-39km6 hours42702000 runners94%Short race on mountain trails open to intermediate trailers
20km1250m +/-32km6 hours3240500 teams97%Night race by team mountaineering and steep parts
3,8km1000m +13,8kmNo maximum time0/700 runners100%Aerial race , handrail, stairs etc. not recommended to people afraid of heights.
10km325m +/-13kmNo maximum time01601000 runners99%Race open to everybody
15km1200m D+27kmNo maximum time00150 runners98%Race reserved to 'Espoir' and 'Junior' category 



Since 2016, Chamonix Sport Club offers some charity bibs in order to fund sports projects.

In 2019, thanks to the 30 000€ gathered , 130 children of 7 sport sections have been able to realize their dreams.

For the runners it is the possibilitiy to ensure a bib for one of the Mont Blanc Marathon races and to make a donation to help kids in their sportive project.



At the occasion of your travel to Chamonix, you can plan your journey with one of our Tour Operator partners.

Sport Tour International proposes to you some packages of travel and assistance for this wonderful event. A guaranteed bib and accommodation in the center of Chamonix are available, transfers to Geneva airport and the help of our experimented race-guides. 

Our goal ? Find the absolute best trail running experiences in the Alps.

Away from the crowds, in high Alp villages, we’ll seek out those runs that are a bit quieter, a bit wilder, and bring together the very best the Alps have to offer.


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