26th June 2021


01:00  pm


10 km

Difference in height

325 m +/-


10 km

The Mont-Blanc 10 km is a race taking place in the Chamonix valley, it allows running with family or friends. This trail, although its little difference in height, will surprise you with its short but intense climbs and descents on technical singles. Come to discover this race that will enchant you with its festive and friendly atmosphere.

Date: 26Juin 2021
Departure : 13:00
Distance: 10 km
Dénivelé +/-: 325m

First approach of trail running
Open to categories “Cadet” and upwards
Refreshment point at the end of the race

Discovery trail with a distance of 10 km accessible to all runners regardless of their level, whose route follows the trails of cross-country ski slopes.

  • No refreshment during the race.

  • No time barriers and maximum time.

  • Distance of 10 km on the route of the ski slopes.

  • Open for the ‘Cadet’ category Cand upward.

  • Departure in several waves.

  • Departure Saturday 26 June 2021 at 01:00 pm.

  • The registration includes: bib, refueling, technical t-shirt, rider’s bag, medal, showers.

  • Sticks are prohibited on this race.

  • A reserve of at least 0,50 litre of water.
  • Personal cup. 
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket with hood (gore tex type) adapted to your size.

The start will be in several waves to offer optimal race conditions to all runners.



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Réalisation : Coax – 2021.