Dear fellow runners,

Since the government announced its plan for a phased reopening and resumption of activities, we have been working tirelessly to ensure that the Marathon du Mont-Blanc can go ahead this year.

Unfortunately, it has become clear that the plans currently in place to reopen the country make it impossible for us to hold the Marathon du Mont-Blanc on the projected dates of the 24-27 July 2021.  On those dates the maximum number of participants allowed at a sports event would be 500 and an 11pm curfew would still be in place.  These restrictions would not allow us to run the event without it being heavily compromised.

Sportly yours, 

The organisation comitee of Mont Blanc Marathon

Therefore, and after much discussion with the communes of the Chamonix Valley, our volunteers, sponsors and event contractors, it has been decided to move the date of the Marathon du Mont-Blanc back to Thursday 1 July to Sunday 4th July.

The races will be held from Friday July 2nd to Sunday July 4th 2021.

The runners will have to choose between : taking part in the event on the postponement date in 2021 OR cancel their registration for 2021 and have a priority on the same race for 2022.

If the runner chooses to cancell them inscriptions in 2021, they will get a refund of 60% of registration fee and 100% of options (except insurance). The request must be made to the organisation.

Warning ! The runners will have until May 28th to make their request of refund and priority for 2022 and validate the online procedure. Without any request made, the runner will automatically remain registered for the 2021 edition.

  • Each and every person will have to wear a mask in every close building and in the transportation. During the key moments of start and finish, everyone must wear a mask. In other terms, the only moment when runners will be able to remove their mask is during the timed event.
  • Respect of social distancing and shielding measures.

All starts will be done with waves (except VK). Runners will be allowed to access the start area 30 minutes before the departure of their wave. Ex : I will start in the wave of 6.50am, I can access the paraglides landing field from 6.20am but not before (details of the waves in the chart below.

Certain place and time of start/finish have changed (in red in the chart).


Number of runners

Type of starts

Time of starts

Place of starts

90km du Mont-Blanc


4 waves of 250 runners spaced by 10 min

From 4am to 4.30m

Paraglides landing field

KM Vertical


Start of 1 runner every 15 seconds

From 5pm to 8pm

Field of Le Savoy

23km du Mont-Blanc


8 waves of 250 runners spaced by 10 min

From 8am to 9.10 am

Paraglides landing field

10km du Mont-Blanc


4 waves of 250 runners spaced by 10 min

From 1pm to 1.30pm

Paraglides landing field

Duo étoilé


4 waves of 250 runners spaced by 10 min

From 8pm to 8.30pm

Paraglides landing field

42km du Mont-Blanc


8 waves of 280 runners spaced by 10 min

From 6am to 7.10am

Paraglides landing field

Young Race Marathon


One start of 150 runners

Start at 9am


  • 90km du Mont-Blanc: route avoiding Switzerland, start/finish at the paraglides landing field, suppression of runner bags.
  • 42km du Mont-Blanc: start at the paraglides landing field moved at 6am, Montroc-Vallorcine-Aiguillettes des Posettes-Le Tour loop done in the other way around.
  • Duo Etoilé: start/finish at the paraglides landing field, suppression of runner bags.
  • 10km du Mont-Blanc: limitation of number of runner at 1000, suppression of runner bags.
  • KV: start moved at the field of Le Savoy, first start at 5pm.
  • Young Race: start moved to Montroc at 9am.
  • Mini-cross: suppression of the race.

Find all these info on the pages of the races. 

  • The number, composition and arrangement of the refreshment points have been rethought to match the health measures.
  • Hand desinfection mandatory at the entrance of the refreshments.
  • Wearing a mask will be mandatory (runners + volunteers).
  • Proposed food will be packed individually in order to assure the absence of contact between the food and the runners (Les denrées proposées sur les ravitaillements seront dans des emballages individuels afin de garantir l’absence de contact entre les denrées et les participants (apple mix, fruit paste, cereal bars, savoury crackers)
  • Volunteers will handle the food asked by the runners. No self-service.
  • Accompagnying persons will be prohibited on the refreshments.
  • No prize giving ceremony in Chamonix, only directly after the race in the finish area for the 3 first men and the 3 first women.
  • Raffle organised digitally.
  • Elite presentation organised behind closed doors and broadcasted on the website.
  • No recuparation care, except for urgent health issues.
  • The mini cross (child race) will not take place.



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