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Tā Energy is a French brand of sports nutrition launched in 2018, it draws its inspiration from New Zealand, the country from which our mascot Tawhiri is directly inspired. In Maori mythology, Tāwhirimātea (whose affectionate nickname is “Tā”) is the god of thunder, lightning, wind and storms. What better name than that of such a force of nature to represent our products?

Our mission is to make quality, simple and effective products accessible to as many people as possible around 3 essential axes: Hydration, Energy, Recovery.

Wishing to offer tasty products, many tests are carried out with all of our athletes before they are put on the market.

Beginner, experienced athlete or high-level athlete, you will find in our Ta Energy range the products you need to achieve your goals. Electrolyte tablets, ideal for hydrating effectively, energy gums that help maintain your level of activity and many other products that we invite you to come and discover on our stand.



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