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The French Alps have been Salomon’s playground since 1947. Our passion for outdoor sports, new technologies and technical mastery have always led us to create state-of-the-art equipment that offers total freedom and helps to push the limits in wilderness.

At Salomon, what motivates us is to enrich people’s lives by allowing them to play in nature. And we are aware that we must learn to gamble responsibly.
We recently announced new sustainability goals focused on our sports marketing efforts. We want to commit to improving the carbon footprint of our “clean” events and reducing the environmental impact of our athletes and ambassadors. Many actions included in this new Sustainable Sports Marketing Charter have already been implemented; we have compiled a list of related sustainability goals to be achieved by 2025.
This two-pronged approach around events and athletes will start with event sustainability studies which will allow organizers to set specific goals around gatherings such as the Golden Trail Series races, with the Mont Blanc Marathon being the first pilot event.
“One of Salomon’s strengths is its genuine connection with a loyal base of outdoor enthusiasts who practice our sports and share our love for nature.” That’s why, in addition to our own gatherings, we’re taking action to support local communities who organize Solomon-sponsored events around the world. The event parameters we set will influence what we commit to as community event organizers and what we support as event sponsors.

Salomon is also committed to reducing the collective carbon footprint of its international team of athletes by 30% by 2025.


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