Golden Trail

World Series
It aims to promote professional trail runners as world class athletes, it wants to showcase and protect the nature and environments where we play and compete, and recognize fans and enthusiasts as a vital ingredient in the sport. Each of the six races in the series has been specifically selected because of the landscape, the challenge, the history and the atmosphere they offer runners and the public. These are the races that every runner dreams of doing and among the first written on their “ToDo” list.
The Golden Trail World Series brings together these iconic races into a new and revolutionary concept. A clear and simple format where the three best results on the six possible races count. This will generate excitement for the public throughout the season and ensure that the elites meet a maximum of times during the year ensuring a high level on each race.

Programme 2022 :

  • 29 May – ZEGAMA-AIZKORRI, Spain
  • 26 June – MARATHON DU MONT-BLANC, France
  • 06 August – STRANDA FJORD TRAIL RACE, Norway
  • 13 August – SIERRE-ZINAL, Switzerland
  • 17 September – PIKES PEAK ASCENT, USA
  • 25 September – FLAGSTAFF SKY PEAKS, USA

Iconic races for their breathtaking landscapes, the challenges they offer, as well as the history and atmosphere they offer. All this to the delight of runners and the public!

THE grand finale will take place in Portugal with the MADEIRA OCEAN TRAILS from October 26th to 30th


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Réalisation : Coax – 2022.